Flowers & Flavours, a unique Ikebana & recipe book brought out by the chapter, is a blend of Ikebana arrangements made with local flower material and recipes from the vast repertoire of Indian cuisine. A food element is included in each arrangement. Ikebana originates from Buddhism and Indian cookery from the ancient scriptures, both following laid down rules and principles.

The idea for the book conceptualized by our president Rekha Reddy was taken forward and printed to warrant an astounding success! What makes us proud is that it has helped spread the motto of Friendship through Flowers and procceds from it used for good causes like Japan Earthquake Relief, local charities and excellent Ikebana programmes for members.

The book committee comprised of Indumathy Davloor, Nirupa Reddy, Padma Duvvuri and Rama Lakshmi and was instrumental in its compilation.

Flowers & Flavours is the collective effort of the members of our chapter who are designers, doctors, nutritionists, authors, professors, florists, artists, gym owners, Guinness Book record holders and more! Many of the recipes have been handed down over generations preserving their legacy and authenticity.

Copies of the book have reached world over and encouraging feedback received from a huge number of members from America to Australia and Pretoria to Oslo and Tokyo!

Cover Page

The Flowers & Flavours book committee members

Flowers & Flavours is the collective effort of the members of our chapter who are designers, doctor, nutritionists, singers, authors, translators, professors, remedial instructors, freelance journalists, chefs, computer experts, florists, artists and art collectors, gym and store owners, social workers, marathon runners-one of whom, our chapter Vice-President, Ms. Uma Prasad is a Guinness Book record holder!

Many of the recipes are handed down over generations preserving the legacy and the authenticity of various cuisines.

Besan Kadhee


Warm Coconut Bars



"Dear Rekha, Belated but best wishes for a successful book launch for Flowers & Flavours on 18th April. What an excellent idea with a book on flowers and good recipes Congratulations!! I shall be issuing the II Hong Kong Newsletter oround 15May. We would also like to include the item of your book sale. I tried contacting the major bookstores in Hong Kong. They must be all a bit slow and do not have your book on the shelves yet. How shall I ask members to purchase your book? I for one would like to buy some for myself or for present to friends. Also how much is the book in Hong Kong? Do we need to stock up to sell or is it available through the net or do we buy from you in bulk?? Sorry to bother you but trust that you would have a similar question from other II Chapters.
Thanks for considering. Best,

Elaine Koo, Corr Sec II Hong Kong Chapter


"Dear Ms. Rekha Reddy, ………also I would like to express my thanks for the book Flowers & Flavours:Ikebana and Indian recipes. It was unique idea to combine two arts; art of ikebana and art of Indian cuisine. Cuisine is very important part of human live same as nature and flowers. And I find that those both arts could fit each other. Congratulation.
Wienczyslawa Sato, International President


"Dear Rekha I have just received your book that Danielle Crafford posted to me. Thank you so much. It is a wonderful book and it was such a clever idea to combine ikebana and food. Congratulations to all of you to produce this remarkable book. I must say you ladies are so active, creative and busy busy – don’t know where you find the time to do all these things. You certainly set an example what can be achieved. I will certainly circulate this book amongst our members and we can all try our hand at Indian cuisine. It looks so appetising. With many thanks again
Fondest regards from all of us in Cape Town,
Cathy Clayton


"Dear President Rekha Reddy It is indeed an honour and great suprise to me to receive your beautiful book of Flowers & Flavours. ………….We are going to have our opening season tea on 7th of Sept ,with Mrs Shouei Fujisawa, Headmistress of Soushou-Ryu all the way from Japan come for a demonstration for Our program. I will display your book at the entrance and let them to have a chance To look and order if they wish .Meanwhile I would like to order 5 book for my self……. Good luck on your book sale! And Best wishes to all the Hyderabad Chapter friends! In flowers we share our friendship!
Eleanor Kwan,
President Hong kong chapter
Fondest regards from all of us in Cape Town,
Cathy Clayton


"Dear Ms Reddy, Your I.I chapter's book on ikebana and Indian cooking sounds tantalizing! What an ambitious project. I very much look forward to seeing your book but I must inform you that I recently moved….. Do you plan to offer your books for sale to II members somehow? I have an avid ikebana student who is Indian and is exploring ikebana with an Indian theme. I think she would really enjoy your book. Thank you for contacting me, I hope we meet in the future. In Friendship through Flowers,
Janet Janet Knowlton


"To, Rekha Reddy, President, I.I Hyderabad Chapter #250.
I have received your beautiful book and I thank you so much. I have read it cover to cover and enjoyed the lovely photographs of the arrangements and have decided there are many recipes I would like to try. I am not too familiar with Indian cooking but am anxious to try. I will definitely share the book with our Chapter members and I am sure they will be interested in having a copy of their own. Congratulations on a project well done! Wilma Scorrar
President, I.I Toronto Chapter #208


"Dear Rekha, What a lovely present - the book is so beautiful! I will try some of the recipes which look so delicious (maybe some of the ingredients will not be available here, but I will make an effort. The accompanying ikebana is beautiful and is enriching for the soul. I will hand the one for I.I. when we have a meeting next week……The book is really of very high quality and I will do my best to get some orders for you. Please let me have the price? Best wishes for your Chapter and the Ohara Group. I do hope we will meet in future.
Danielle Crafford, I.I Chapter Pretoria/Grandmaster Ohara School


" Aloha, Your book was a big hit at the Board meeting with a sign up sheet to borrow the book. It will be part of our library. I found the pictures absolutely beautiful and reading it was very interesting, esp. how some of the plants/flowers were used for medicine, cooking and then to see how you used them your arrangements. Of course, I thought the Ohara arrangements were the best! …..
Ethel, President,
I.I Hawaii


" 24.08.11 To The President I. I, Hyderabad Chapter Dear Ms Reddy, Thank you for your kind message and my congratulations to you on publishing your first chapter production book. I think it is a wonderful idea and am impressed with the commitment of your members and yourself. On behlaf of Chapter Zurich I would greatly appreciate a copy of 'Flowers & Flavours' and I'm sure my members as well as I are looking forwards to having a look at your book. ……………….
With best wishes and friendship through flowers,
Angelika Kilp, President,
I.I Zurich Chapter #214


" Dear Ms Reddy, I just received a mail from our board member Chantal O'Cearbhaill who went on vacation to the United Sates. Sincere congratulations for your book which, I am sure, will be very successful.
With best regards
Ursula Claren Müller, President,
I.I Geneva Chapter #143


" I was very pleased to receive the book “Flowers & Flavours” through our vice president. Your Chapter did a very nice job in making this book. The combination of flowers and food made with herbs, local leaves and edible items is excellent. The recipes look delicious and are a challenge to make. The flower arrangements are also beautiful. The whole book is a feast for the eye.
In October we have a Symposium on behalf of our 30 years anniversary. I will show the book to the members and maybe they are interested in buying a book. If so I will contact you.
In the meantime, give my compliments to your Chapter members for the hard work and the beautiful result.
Best wishes and Friendship through Flowers,
Thea Faber – van Ede, President, Chapter #215 The Netherlands
I.I Geneva Chapter #143


" Dear Rekha First I like to thank you for sending our Chapter your marvellous book Flowers & Flavours. A very good idea!! I did show the book to our members and I like to order 5 pieces for us. Please send me the amount to pay and the way how to pay you. Thank you in advance and we all send you our friendship through flowers.
President Ohara Chapter the Netherlands
Conny van Dongen


" Dear Ms Rekha Reddy, Congratulations on the success of your book “Flowers & Flavours” – I understand the hard work involved and food combined with flowers is such a nice idea. Indian tastes are becoming popular here so we will look forward to the book. Thank you for thinking of us – we send our Best Wishes for Every Success and Happiness to You, Members and your Chapter. Sincerely, Maude Chin President
I.I. Sydney Chapter $36 Inc.


"Dear Rekha, Last week the lovely book arrived by mail. Thank you so much. "Flowers and Flavours"...such a clever idea! Congratulations to your I.I. Chapter. I have enjoyed looking at it so much. I am quite anxious to try a recipe or two. Next week, our Ohara chapter is having a luncheon/demonstration and I will bring it there for members to see. I am sure some will want to order it. I will keep you posted. Again, thank you.
Jane Bell


" Dear Ms Reddy. I can't thank you enough for the wonderful book I have just received. It was a big surprise when I had a call from your friend and when the book arrived You and your Chapter members must be very proud it is absolutely beautiful and such a superb idea. We haven't started our Chapter Activities yet after the Christmas break, but I will certainly show your book to our Members once we start.
Kind Regards, Jane

Ohara School Headquarters, Japan

April 27th 2011 " Dear Ms. Reddy This is to acknowledge the receipt of the book entitled Flowers & Flavours published by the Ikebana International Hyderabad Chapter. Mr. Uesugi kindly forwarded the book to the International Division of the Ohara School Headquarters. We appreciate the unique combination of the beauty of Ikebana arrangements and Indian culinary delights. The book will be shown to the Headmaster Hiroki Ohara and other professors at the next meeting of the Council of Ohara Professors when we have time. It will be kept at in the International Division and enjoyed by those who are interested thereafter. Please convey our gratitude to your chapter members. Sincerely yours,
Wakako Ohara, Chief Executive,
Ohara School of Ikebana

I.I South Africa

Dear Rekha, 4.8.11, What a lovely present - the book is so beautiful! I will try some of the recipes which look so delicious (maybe some of the ingredients will not be available here, but I will make an effort.] The accompanying ikebana is beautiful and is enriching for the soul. I will hand the one for I.I. when we have a meeting next week. I will post the one for Cathy and I know whe will be delighted. The book is really of very high quality and I will do my best to get some orders for you……………..
Best wishes for your Chapter and the Ohara Group. I do hope we will meet in future. Regards,
Danielle Crafford
I.I Chapter Pretoria/Grandmaster Ohara School

Ambassador of Japan

4 November 2011, Dear Ms. Reddy I would like to express my sincere thanks and congratulations for the lovely book that you have sent. It was a great pleasure to see your love for Ikebana, and the intermingling with Indian culture, translated into such an attractive book. I was amazed to see the collaboration between the Japanese art of Ikebana and Indian culinary art. Not only is Flowers & Flavours a great read, but also the perfect gift, reflecting the warm relations that our countries share. In addition, I am extremely grateful for your kindness in helping the people of Japan during their time of need. These have been testing times for us, and it is touching to know that your organization is carrying out such a noble deed. Thank you once again, on behalf of the people of Japan. Wishing you and the members of Ikebana International Hyderabad Chapter #250 very best in all your endeavours, Yours sincerely.
Atkitaka Saiki, Ambassador of Japan